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 Welcome to our website!   Lillian's been making handmade soap for 17 years now and customers keep coming back for more because basically, it's really good soap!  The candles are very good too!  This is a family owned business and the focus is not mass production, but quality.   There is no substitute for experience in the art of saponification. In 2010, her soap was selected to be placed into a gift basket by a city mayor's office, that was gifted to the President of the United States. In addition to this, she's soaped for some of the major hospitals, aromatherapy conferences and large corporate projects, new hires.  Whether it be a small order or a large order, we'll do the job and do it right! There is no substitute for experience.  Lillian's recipe was evaluated by not one, but two chemists.  Simply put, our customers state our soap is absolutely wonderful!  

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