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Customers are writing in with great comments!

Yes, I will take the WHOLE box because you are the world's best ever soap maker and I would never

shower again if I could not use the soaps made with your hands. 
Kim M 
Indianapolis, IN

Oatmeal/Honey soap is the best! (and I've tried a lot of oatmeal/honey soap!)
Sharron H


"This is the best!  I LOVE the laundry soap,it's compact, I do about 3 loads of laundry a week, this one pound container has lasted a month (only use 2 Tablespoons per large wash load) and it saves mone because no fabric softener or dryer sheets are needed. This would be great for college students or those who work away from home that travel and need to do laundry...Thanks Lillian, keep up the great work!!!   Karen B Indianapolis, IN

"Love the Strawberry Musk! You're the best!"  Marlaina R South Bend IN