High quality soap handcrafted with 20 years of experience. We use so much more than olive!  

Double butter, hemp oil enriched soaps our customers say are the best around!

Spend $12?   A discount of $2 is added to the checkout.  If you spend $20, we're pleased to give you a $5 discount on your order!  

We are aware that you can buy soaps for $3.00 online. However, those soaps don't have the amount of exotic butters we use nor the conditioning hemp oil we use. All of our soaps are high olive.    We also have 20 years experience in the art of soap. I'm sorry that I won't make a high olive soap with coconut and palm and leave out the generous amount of conditioning oils and butters that have made my brand resonate with you.

Coming soon. We're adding mango butter to the mix!   Our soaps, currently double butter, will be triple butter.  This change takes effect July 1. We will not raise the price for doing this.

I appreciate your business. We make the soaps nicer, because you work hard for your income and so should we.  

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