Hello Customers!

Fragrant Blossom Soaps got its start in 1995.   We didn’t become a reality until the year 2000.   When the hard water and seasons wreaked havoc on my skin, I entered into a 5 year learning curve to learn how to cope with the 4 seasons that Indiana shared with me.  The visions of colorful leaves and falling snow also brought temperature conditions that dried my skin out.   We are expanding and I just don’t want to do it alone.

In 2014, I opened a store for soap and candles in downtown Kokomo.  I saw that the city of Kokomo was deeply enriched with talented artisans who did breathtaking work using many mediums.   From Jenny who does jewelry to Lori who paints carefully on wood and glass, to Rich and Pam with their eloquent grapevine trees, Joan with her glass towers and Kayla with her goat milk lotion and love of handcrafted artisan wood furniture, it became obvious to me that I did not want to sell alone.

The Walnut Street Artisan is open for business in downtown Kokomo, Tuesday thru Friday, 10 to 6 and Saturday, 9 to 2.   Enter into a world enhanced by the imagination, skill and artistry of America’s sons and daughters.

I reached over to McCordsville and welcomed Brad, a glass artist who is on a quest to reshape glass from repurposed wine bottles into amazing dish creations.  He also has other artistic glass creations he will be bringing in.

My name is Lillian Newman. I’m a Hoosier, and I am a handcrafting soapmaker. I don’t want to sell alone. I embrace Indiana and I welcome you all to shop the Walnut Street Artisan.   Our website will be featured on our social media page at Indiana Handmade Soap on facebook.  Also search for Kokomo The Walnut Street Artisan and like those pages.

For those of you who are not on facebook, please know that I will be linking a cart on Tuesday, December 9 to this website.  Thank you for your business and welcome to Indiana’s greatest handcrafted art, located right here at the Walnut Street Artisan in downtown Kokomo, Indiana.



Kokomo, Indiana at the Walnut Street Artisan Shop 124 West Walnut Street Kokomo Indiana 46901