Fragrant Blossom Soaps & Candles

Welcome to pure bliss. Over 20 years experience making handcrafted soaps and candles. Good soap and candles, made with experience!

Why Choose Us?

Experience.     If you want soap that makes you smell good, feel great about being clean, that's our area! :). Over 20 years experience in the art of saponification and candle production.   Years and years of great scents, conditioning high quality bars of soap and retail experience.  

                      The Woman Behind the Vision!

Lillian Newman

your soapmaker/candlemaker's pic when she was in high school, a very long time ago! :)

She has a sense of humor

Lillian Newman, soapmaker

visiting the Christmas Story House - it was fun! I'd like to make soap in that kitchen!

I make honestly good soap. I also have a quirky sense of humor so if you see odd scents for soaps, for example, soap that smells like grape soda, that's on purpose. Enjoy the quirky sense of humor.  I would love new ideas on new strange scents to use! :)


 Our primary location offline is the Logan Village Mall in Noblesville. You can also find our soaps at Sunspot Natural Market, Kokomo; Treasure Mart South, Kokomo; Ace Hardware, Noblesville; Carefree Spas, Indianapolis.


Logan Village Mall 977 Logan Street #201 Noblesville IN 46060 

Store Hours

Monday — Saturday

10:00 AM — 6 PM


Noon — 5:00 PM


always open! 24 hour turnaround!

Contact us through facebook! :)

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